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Jughead’s Porkpie Hat

Jughead wore a littleĀ  porkpie hat that he never once took off,

and down in the valley people talked, but they never really knew him.

That’s just what valley people do man, I don’t worry none about them,

said Jughead to his porkpie hat as down the trail they rambled.

Jughead’s a fool, Jughead is crazy, Jughead’s a gentle giant-

these were the things the people said, and Jughead never denied it.

They never knew inside his porkpie hat Jughead would carry

an apple with a worm inside, but on the outside shiny.

He met a lowing calf along the the path and it was hungry

so with it his apple did he share, and this made the worm so angry.

Scratching at his porkpie hat, which never before bothered

poor Jughead finally took it off and over the road he tossed it.

Tired from his labor and from his lack there of,

Jughead laid down with worm and apple

and dreamed about the calf.