Field Trip Friday

I am out of HQ today. I get to work someplace I don’t live today like you all. I’m talking shoes, pants, the whole enchilada. Cool huh?

So break it down for me people. What’s the sit rep for the weekend?

Is the BRC meeting your blog needs? What can we do better around here to make your blogging experience top notch? I really do care, so don’t hold back.

Just don’t touch my Oreo, I only got one.

I mean, damn!


5 Responses to Field Trip Friday

  1. Suggestion: This blog just a tad too ‘bikey’ for me. For those of us who don’t ride, opportunities are few and far between to spout off. I still check in from time to time looking for an interesting non-bike post.

  2. Isn’t that the beauty of the whole weblog phenomenon, though. You can put as fine a point on it as you please. People who don’t ride mountain bikes rarely understand the pleasure and insight it can bring to those who do. You just be your good ol’ bike ridin’ self and share your thoughts and fears along the way. The fact that it’s ‘bikey'(sic) just means that your opinions on other topics are also probably (usually) poignant. Don’t try to appeal to a broad readership. Just keep on keepin’ on.

  3. Thanks to both of you.

    Sorry Kid, but CC de MC said it very well. Cycling is a filter for my life experience. Without a “fine point” I’m just another blog without a rudder. The conversation may often start with biking, but I like to think people can take it anywhere. Anyway, glad to have you stopping by…now go get a bike please.

  4. I’m sorry Juancho. Do you think you could talk about bikes a little more? All of this silly, pointless, Clydesdale Hall of Fame stuff, etc is not what I want. I want BIKES dammit. 24/7 bike talk. It makes me hot.

    What the world needs is more people talking about bikes. And riding bikes. And just, in general, living, eating, sleeping, breathing bikes.

    One of my favorite things in the world is, after a super long ride during the day, I feel like I’m still pedaling all night long and it gives me wacky bikey dreams.