Respect your Elders

The eastside trails were a sloppy mess yesterday, puddles stinking of old motor oil and rivulets of goo spilling along the sides. The off camber turns of the Cadillac were as hard to get ahold of as a greased pig at the rodeo. I seem to be falling off my bike a lot lately.

The falling didn’t bother me so much because Bushy and I were busy giving a couple of young fellers an education. Yesterday we rode with the junior squad. 16 year-old Huck Jr. and a 17 year-old we call Steve even though his name is Zack.

We put a thumping on those whippersnappers.

I have to say it was great though: passing on knowledge, being a role model, making them suffer. Both of these guys have a lot of potential and I just pray we crushed their hopes and dreams a little bit so they don’t go out and get hurt by the world too much too soon.

Stay gold Ponyboys


3 Responses to Respect your Elders

  1. OK
    We’re putting yall in charge of the FotL Juniors Program.
    Bring them young’un out for Dirt Track’n this Thursday and we’ll see what they got.