Talk to Me

In a peculiar and predictable twist, the universe made things difficult and parked the SCOTT BIKES demo truck at the Tom Brown Park trailhead on Friday. One thing led to another and three of us rode out on full suspension 29’er carbon fiber rigs. This was not even a consideration for me in the new dream bike project. But the smooth ride and the endorsement of such a monstrosity by trusted confidantes just makes everything more complicated. If there was only one bike in the world life would be so much easier. I would want it, and hopefully I could have it, and I would ride it. The end. That is not the case. There are many bikes in the land. To be honest, the big plush ride of the SCOTT was a little ho-hum, with so much speed for so little effort. What’s a ride without the numb hands and teeth-jarring impact of roots? Should all of that superior technology make me feel less connected to the trail? The sad fact of the matter is that if I can move across the surface of the earth a little bit faster than the day before I can learn to accept a less organic ride experience. Vanity wins the day. Full suspension big rigs are officially in the mix, and that means we are all the way back to the drawing board. -Juancho

7 Responses to Talk to Me

  1. Ahhh, these are uptown problems and aren’t they fun? I have been trying to buy a new computer for music and video editing. I have been certain of what I was going to buy seven times.
    Being in the grips of an obsession such as yours is a true indicator that life is grand.

  2. “What’s a ride without the numb hands and teeth-jarring impact of roots?”

    It’s a nice freakin’ ride Jauncho! No pain = MORE magic miles.

    If I had the moola I’d look at the Giant Anthem as well. All the modern FS bikes are so good it’s ridiculous. Have you thought of assembling it from components? Building it yourself?

    If I really had the moola I’d look hard at the new Ventana El Rey and build it with all the Gucci Fox and Shimano stuff.


    IF… I really had the moola I’d build a…. awwww shoots! Your screwed pal.

    good luck on your quest!

  3. Keep the planning and dreaming stage going as long as you can. In a way, it’s as nice as riding.

    You’ll get better value buying a complete bike and replacing pieces as/if needed.

  4. I was thinking about this today on my singletrack commute (yes, yes) and I would consider it a personal favor to me if you did not short change yourself, but instead used this open mindedness to(extensively) test ride a fat bike.

    Pneumatic suspension, bredda. It’s real.