The Rise of Taco

I can’t wait for hunting season, because right now I feel like the prey.

Joey Bushyhead came down from his tree stand and into the saddle. He has moved from the shadows of stealth training to open hostility on the trails. I fell victim to the Sicilian Dragon.

The Sicilian Dragon is a famous chess opening for black, the aggrieved position, which must counter the advantage white has by dictating the opening move. The Sicilian Dragon, a variation of The Yugoslav, is characterized by its combative nature and willingness to engage in early sacrifice. The message to white is- sure you can develop your plan, but not without paying a dear price.

Now is a good time for me to declare unequivocally that riding bikes is an activity to be enjoyed among friends for benefits of mutual health and well-being. Any message to the contrary taken from this blog speaks to your own miserly nature and need for validation at the expense of those dearest to you. Of course. This expression of goodwill is a fundamental cornerstone of the BRC philosophy and any discussion of crushing, dropping, or putting the hurt on someone is not tolerated here.

My options for enjoying the mutual benefits to our health and well-being from in front of Joey Bushyhead are few. The only adequate response to the Sicilian Dragon is rapid development. White must advance his position, at painful cost to his ranks, in order to achieve high ground and establish a winning position before the bloodletting proves fatal.


7 Responses to The Rise of Taco

  1. Impressive. I could never remember anything about the Sicilian beyond P-K4 P-QB4. I was more of a Ruy Lopez guy-simple and predictable. Maybe that’s why my rating stayed in the toilet.

  2. So by saying you plan to declare, you’re really saying you plan to act opposite of your declaration. Or, you think we’d expect that and thus, actually do exactly what you declare, unless that is, by doing that…

    You’re crushing us with expressions of goodwill.

  3. “I visualize my enemies falling before me like wheat in the field.” And I *quote.*

    When are you gonna start writing for a magazine, book, or other wider audience? The world needs your wit, insight, and way with words.

  4. Thanks Velosopher, I consider the BRC the pinnacle, but I am willing to slum it if you have any ideas.

    And Fischer-Spassky was a lucky coincidence…or was it?

  5. I love the disclaimer in the fourth paragraph. I have to agree you should get paid for writing.