Ride a Mile

I threw these shoes away yesterday. I wore them so long I can’t remember if they smell like the van, or the van smells like them, but as a young lady once told me, “It’s all toes and corn chips to me.”

Seven years I rode in a pair of $30 cleats. I retired them briefly last fall, but the new shoes proved to be the Achille’s heel of my Achille’s heels and I frantically dug these back out of the garbage and put another year on them.

Change is scary sometimes, and it was just easier to keep cramming my feet into something that used to work instead of making the simple adjustments to adapt to something new. Eventually things fall apart though, and you have to make a move.

That almost sounds like a metaphor.


5 Responses to Ride a Mile

  1. Change can be very exciting and fun and to me is only scary if it’s wrong and my gut knows it.
    And Juancho, Yep – all things, and especially your shoes, always fall apart eventually – the Law of Entropy.