Some rides deliver beyond the capacity for words to capture, and pictures fail as well. Like every day though, as we each grope our way with arms outstretched through the dark hallways of our lives, some light appears in the corners of our vision to show us we are on the right path.

This is Henry. Giant friendly dogs need no explanations.

This is what it looks like to live here and ride bikes.

Somewhere along the way.

Bicycle House filing system.

I don’t care if there were only three of us. It was Bike Church and I was there.


5 Responses to Hajj

  1. Uuuh uhhum….”bike church”….

    Oh yeah. I think the Rev will be planning a *sermon* for some of us flat landers……heck! we probably already missed it.


    Re: handlebars( from info in pic) Wide ones for the BIG stuff.

    Leverage, think about it, however I am intrigued by the tire..? what might that be?

  2. That is the Dogboy’s ride, so he will have to tell us what tires he is riding. As for handlebars, it is a peculiar trait of us Fl Panhandle riders, that some of us enjoy the narrow bars as we utilize lots of narrow tree passages as a technical feature of our trails. This has contributed to oversize triceps as a genetic trait of the 7 Hills riders.

  3. I like low profile, relatively narrow tires- the pic shows a Specialized 2.0, something from the Fast Trac series I picked up at the LBS. The price of tires kills me so I shop pretty hard but almost always purchase local- almost.

    Juancho once gave me a set of Nevegals. I will never forgive him.

  4. Trees…yeah I forgot about that. Actually, I got launched catching the ONLY tree, a little tiny 4′ oak, on the descent from Barranca bench with my 30″ ers!!

    I too am liking the specialized tire lineup..EXCEPT the price!

    Loving the pics Jauncho..perspective on another world. Nice to know.