Clydesdale Hall of Fame- Pete Seeger

This keyboard is my banjo and it plays a mournful tune.

Pete Seeger died today, and there was nothing I could do.

Not to stop old Pete from leaving, he was determined to move on-

but the rest of us are stuck here and the day is getting long.

I read today he died a slightly disappointed man,

he meant to see more happen for the people and the land.

When chopping wood you don’t look at the log you are to split,

look at the one beneath it and you swing your axe to it.

Born in 1919 when the White Sox threw the series,

black soldiers coming home from war were feared for wanting liberty.

Pete saw the dust bowl come and go, fought poverty and misery.

he was singing for equality 15 years before Montgomery.

He sang for migrant worker’s rights in New York  last September.

Chopping wood 10 days before his death, and that,

I will remember.






7 Responses to Clydesdale Hall of Fame- Pete Seeger

  1. You are a gifted wordsmith son. The keyboard is indeed your banjo. Now go out there and chop some wood.

  2. Thanks Aunt Nan. I didn’t realize. It should be like the Wild West in here now. I opened things up.