My town kicks your town’s ass.

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9 hours after leaving Myrtle Beach, or “Dyrtle Beach” as I like to call it, I pulled into Tom Brown park to wait for the boys. I arrived a little early so I dropped the seat back, grabbed my pillow and snoozed. It was awesome. Just to be back on home soil was great. It might as well have been 10th ave. Powder and Taco showed up and away we went. All was right in the world.

Powder is in Jackson Hole this week. S’quatch and Co. are safely underway. I get another shot at Razorback this weekend, and a pretty girl said there might be a “blueberry pie” in my future.

Sounds like code to me.

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  1. Welcome back, Juancho, and Happy Father’s Day to all y’all with young’uns you know about. To the rest — get busy.

    My kid treated me to a father-son jaunt today on the Miccosukee Greenway. We took our Jamises: my trailworthy Dakar and his all-purpose hand me down Explorer with worn tires and street pedals. After we switched bikes midride, the boy immediately perked up and proceeded to kick my ass, including riding through some technical stuff that makes me balk (especially on the old Explorer). The boy could be a damned fine rider if he cared to! But he’s 16 and about to get his DL, so we’ll see if two wheeled machines can hold his interest.

    Looking forward to Sasquatch’s dispatches from the road. But he left the 29er at home, so we may be in store for something like the “summer vacation” episodes of 70s sitcoms.