Can We Rebuild Him?

I think I will ride in a town called “Tallahassee” this weekend if it is all the same to you people. I won’t bore you with work details, just know that I am terribly important and therefore sacrifice myself for the good of humankind. It’s nothing, anyone else would do the same thing in the same situation. I wouldn’t call myself a hero, but you know- if the shoe fits right?

My sweet bike has been locked in the trunk of a rental car that attracts politically conservative senior citizens like a NRA Pancake Breakfast, or a Swiftboat Veteran Reunion. At this point it has given up hope of ever touching sweet North Florida dirt again. Peering out the keyhole trying to attract attention on the highway. “Ha, ha, ha!” I say, “Nobody hears your screams!”

Anyway, I suppose I will be out there this weekend, somewhere along the Lake Lafayette circuit, doing my homework and earning it back the old-fashioned way.

At least all of the big, organized rides are over. Maybe this trip was more convenient that I realized?


3 Responses to Can We Rebuild Him?

  1. 8:oo am @ Joes. We are going to help Pete get a ride in before work, probably head east. All welcome, eat your weaties!