Pomp & Circumstance

It’s all just a stumble stagger down a shadowed trail for me really.
You work with the frame you got until it no longer handles the pressure, and then you chuck it.

Like my first mountain bike, the ’88 Dakar, It is hard to retire the old BRC. I rode that bike for years though, in denial that it took more and more to make it go.

It was my wrinkled lover with yellow hair.

Now it lives in a laundry sink in the garage, with a bottom bracket full of mildew and stress fractures like varicose veins in the chainstays.

There is no need to let that happen again.

I just want to write for a while.

It has been four years– time to bloguate and move on to post-bloguate school.
I am turning the comments off for a while because I am establishing a new dress code. No more robes and slippers. No more “Hi Sam, Hi Ralph.” There are lots of convivial spots to gather so I’m pulling all of the backstage passes. You will most likely find me at Wrecking Ball’s yucking it up and making a real time of it.

Maybe it is a winter thing. I crave the peace and quiet.

I appreciate a great dialogue, so thoughts and feedback are always welcome at loveyourbike@gmail.com same as ever.

I am not going anywhere, I am just building a better frame.


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