The Comeback

Call it an ill-fated retirement, like Jordan and the Wizards, Lance and the Tour, Favre and the Jets. Sometimes these things work out better than others.

At least now I know. I am an unrepentant dirty blogger. The cumulative result of my brief absence is exactly one poem- and here it is, for your reading pleasure:

The shit-can knight
It is winter but I live for summer-
nothing broken just the frozen ether.
Time on my side nobody lives for never-
just little girls skipping rocks on the sand.
Summer comes and then I live for fall,
and by spring nothing matters at all.
Hammers look for rusty nails and
shit-can knights search for tin-can grails.
The hands only want for chopping wood
but guts boil over spill and ooze.

BRC Unlimited is open for business.


10 Responses to The Comeback

  1. Tin-can grails indeed. I will toast your return with sardines in olive oil, which I will share with the cats. While wearing slippers and robe, of course.

  2. Dirty bloggers we might be
    Who come and read the BRC

    Seasons change and snow may fly
    But unlike mullets, poetry does not die.

    Welcome back blogger friend
    May your writing never end.

  3. your absence: brief. but
    brief is relative. we need
    BRC to live.

    now get to writin’!


    (all the talk of shit-can knights reminded me of one of my favorites)…

    The little worm
    lowers itself from the roof
    By a self shat thread

    -jack kerouac

    three cheers for BRCUnlimited!

  4. hey, don’t call it a comeback,
    he’s been here for years
    rockin his peers and puttin suckas in fear

    Juancho, lick the lips and rock the keyboard!

  5. Even Jay-Z retired for longer than that!

    Welcome back anyway… I guess now I can quit trying to hawk my BRC memorabilia on Ebay….