The Round Up

Well it is Friday, which for most of you means some sort of government sanctioned rest time is due you for the next two days. I don’t know how it is where you live, but here in Tally it is balmy and the air is soft and gentle. A mild 65 more or less. Not so bad for riding bikes is it?

Not a bad idea, I just might do that.

Meanwhile, Sasquatch Kate Olsen continues melting his way towards an impossible 225 malnourished lbs. Yesterday he went to the doctor, alarmed about some bumpy protrusions along his chest.

Turns out they were just ribs.

Through a long and complicated bartering system I learned from the Mongols while fighting Mother Russia in the foothills of the Steppes, there may be a Titus Racer X frame coming my way soon. If that doesn’t speed my up or make me look cooler, (or something, just anything please Lord!)then I’m going back to collecting beanie babies because anyone will tell you I was pretty good at that.

What else is going on out there? All BRC carnies, stop by the big top and report in.


12 Responses to The Round Up

  1. Tis the season to buy and decorate a Christmas tree. More familial bliss is in store for the Detroit clan.
    Dr. D

  2. I like the Racer X it’s much more popular than Titus Racist. The team issue E Racer is only on ebay for five seconds, right before the new year ball drops. For a couple years ago Big Worm had an X racer but that was just a reaction to a dispointing finish at Tom Brown.
    You might want to consider the Kesley Grammer signiture F Racer, a bad reference to his once popular T.V. show, it’s better for literary blokes like you that are more prone to writing about going fast,than actually doing it.
    Is all this just a passive agressive reply to the fact that you are leaving the Jamis family?

  3. So what’s the agenda for the LONG miles this weekend? Long, bumpy miles are fine. Fern to P-Z to Pedrick to Miccosukee to MLC to Miccosukee all the way back to the Fleischman Rd end out Blairsotne to Goose Pasture to Hermitage to Thomasville to Computer Tutors to Lake Overstreet to Red Bug to Lake Jackson to Meridian to Gibbs for an icy cold, well-deserved Sammy Adams Winter Ale?

    I’ll take all that and change if anybody out there really wants to ride their bike.

  4. What in the hell is a Jamis?

    Can you get me a price on that Kelsey Grammer edition? It sounds like it knows how to sound fast.

    damn straight bubba, parade time.

  5. Cost of Juancho’s bike-for-sale:
    One million dollars
    Cost of a six-pack of Sam Adams Light:
    Around seven dollars retail
    Cost of having lunch with Juancho:

    Eat your hearts out, babies.

  6. Juancho, you need to bring your crew down to McClean Park, for the cyclocross race tomorrow. I know! I know! You don’t race, but ‘cross fans are right up your alley. It’s all about the cow bell, beer, and frites with mayo! I’m sure it’s well within your abilities to stand on the sidelines and yell crass advice to those who suffer. At least that’s my plan! Saturday morning at 10am.

  7. No, sorry. Correction: Price of Juancho’s bike-for-sale:
    One thousand dollars. My goodness but those commas and periods resemble each other! Besides, one million, one thousand- whatever.
    I stand by the rest of the comment, though.