Juancho is taking some sunshine therapy this week.

Healing is a sport all to itself, requiring commitment, stamina, and diversity of technique. Within its tiny little radius of movement the shoulder feels fine, like it could carry any load. It is a lie though. Beyond the arc is pain. Pain and weakness.

Not strong enough to hold a book, but strong enough to turn the page.


8 Responses to Rehab

  1. You down on the island? I heard Mama L was in town. Why didn’t you bring her out to Lloyd?
    P.S. I like the new decorating scheme of the blog. Also the picture.

  2. Pretty! Optimistic! Cheerful! Is it the island or the Flexeril? Whichever, I like it.

    And those men with the neckbeards don’t look nearly as menacing now.

  3. Ms. Moon- I tried to get May to pick us up and tote us out there!

    And yes, the dark period is now behind me…

    although the flex-er-all is all gone and there’s nothing bright about that.