Cross Training

Scoop came to town and sparked a disc golf revival this week. A frisbee, a walk in the park, the clang of the chains. Lots of good fun I’m telling you. We played a little real golf as well yesterday, but that was about as brutal as a time trial on the Live Oak Connector riding your little sister’s bike.

I talk a lot about the joy of riding, but when you get down to it, what goes on out there is not necessarily a “joy-based” event. You can’t discuss real cycling without the word “suffering” quickly entering into the conversation. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The fun comes in moments when gravity is cooperating with you, or when it is cooperating less with your ride partners-that’s joyful. The fun comes when the trail is groomed like a show poodle and your bike makes no ominous sounds. I’m not saying that riding bikes isn’t a lot of fun, but there is that element of competition, violence even, that propels my interest equally.

I always have a shiv, or a shank if you prefer, tucked in my sock for the day I catch one of the boys off their game. Advertise your hangover and out it comes, jab! jab! jab!

I carry the scars of many a shiv’ing in the yard myself. I’m a vet of the old school cafeteria spoon fight out on the trail.

Disc golf though, was like Saturday morning cartoon fun. The bright colors, the parabolic curve, the delicious CLANG! of the chains. Sure we keep score. Sure we talk shit, but it doesn’t mean anything. everyone takes their own marbles home. It’s just for funsies after all.

I think having a few options other than pistols at dawn might be a healthy lifestyle choice. I know not everyone who drops by here rides, so what do you do for good times versus ‘workouts”? What do you riders do to play out of the saddle?

Crickets- anytime y’all are ready.


11 Responses to Cross Training

  1. Hoops, long court. Twice a week, religiously, beneath big block letters reminding us we are broken sinners and can become whole only through the blood of the lamb. I think it elevates my game.

  2. I guess I’m just a sucker for the punishment. My off bike favs include MXing on singletrack(NO, not the same singletrack designated for bikes!), and surfing. Both of those are related to the evil mistress of cycling in that they get you hooked on the feeling of the perfect line, when your body and surroundings are on the same wavelength and nothing else matters. The rest of the time it’s just an insatiable search for that feeling again. First hit’s free…

  3. I hate to sound like the sell out father/husband guy but there is only one thing that fills the void left when the tires begin to rot in the garage- wife and daughter. They both provide all that cycling does- the joy and the suffering. The former is usually brought about by actions initiated by W and D while the latter typically follows some bonehead move of my own.
    PS Juancho, My house is on the market. Sweet deal to fiendly offers.

  4. I am still amazed at how much I like the sound of cracked cement under my skateboard wheels. I don’t skate as much as I used to, but that is all about to change with the new halfpipe I just built for my son. I just discovered that I can buy the exact set up (circa 1983) I rode in the day, because companies are reissuing vintage gear. Imagine if a car company reiussed your favorite car from the dark ages. Pretty cool.
    I love to surf but I haven’t been wet since pipeline came to Mexicao Beach via Katrina. Big Worm coached me into some sick ones.
    All in all its a shive fest, I find it hard to dig a sport that has to put up three hundred “this is not a mountain bike trail” signs.
    Fookin Hippies!

  5. Stupid hippies. Don’t they know the entire world is a mountain bike trail?

    Dogboy-What are we talking here? A couple grand? Does it have an underground bunker and series of tunnels? If not, then it won’t suit my needs.

  6. Bunker potential. No tunnels. Chefs kitchen and appliances. Water feature and private garden. Quiet and by the lake. You know the hood. And most importantly: Equity instead of rent.

  7. I’m down with the Table Tennis unless Dr. Detroit is playing. He will beat your ass with either hand.
    Who’s got the table?

    And what is tax-deductible interest? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?