Mythical Creatures

I truly have the gift. What you see is none other than a recent picture of Uncle “brokenface” Todd Simmler ripping it at Moab. you may remember my mention of Todd and his supernatural abilities back in a previous post. I would link it for you but I got things to do so if you are interested in the research- google Todd Simmler and my post about him will be in the top 5 (boo-ya! Going worldwide Y’all)

Missing friends sucks. The realization that “One day we will all get a big piece of land and all live on it” is really just a more painless way to say goodbye is hard to accept.

Fuck it-let’s all get a big piece of land somewhere and…

3 Responses to Mythical Creatures

  1. Cool zap of SeƱor Simmler on the Slick Rock!

    Moab Moab Moab
    The promised land. How I long for thee.

    Who would have thought a bunch of sand dunes turned to rock would be the ultimate riding experience?

  2. maybe your big piece of land that you’re all living on will be somewhere in the vicinity of the big piece of land that my crowd will be living on….