Birth Announcement

A “bike-build” is a lot like a home birth, except maybe a little more nerve-wracking. I came reeling in from the golf course like a 1950’s father to be, just in time to see the Titus on the stand and the bottom bracket going in. After that it was just an hour of pacing, changing CD’s (This bike was built to Dinosaur Jr. and the Misfits for those that are interested in that sort of thing)and sipping Samuel Adams Nut Brown Ale. Pete had the doors locked and he was in the zone. Naked frame to S’quatch destroying machine in about one hour. It was a pleasure to watch him work. Even when he used a ball pen hammer and a power drill I was totally confident.

I swear it’s a perfect fit.

I pulled the Jamis from the garbage can where Pete stashed it and set it safely aside for the Wrecking Ball or Hi-Tops whoever gets to it first.

The first ride will be just the two of us, but after the consecration we (the Titus and I) will be looking for every single one of you, and I got a chip on my shoulder too.


14 Responses to Birth Announcement

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your healthy, bouncing new baby.
    That seat looks sort of cruel to me but what do I know?
    Enjoy it in good health.

  2. That bike is beautiful.

    Send a different picture of the new heart, lungs, will, and magic dust required to make it lethal to a Sasquatch.

  3. Maybe this will give him the confidence to come out with the big boys again….hahahaha yeah.