Happy Halloween y’all, this here is a picture of a famous Florida icon from my childhood. Dr. Paul Bearer hosted Creature Feature on Channel 44 WTOG down in Tampa. In the middle of a Saturday you could watch scary movies like The Tinlger, The Man With NO Eyes, or Jerry Maguire. I can’t help but notice a startling resemblance to our very own Human Wrecking Ball, but maybe it’s just the lighting in here.

Mo’ miles, mo miles yesterday- I won’t bore you with the details.

Well maybe just a few! I think we went fast and I sort of, pretty much kept up so that’s good. The new bridge at the Live Oak Connector is rickety awesome so thanks Bigworm and crew for making such a delightfully sketchy addition to an already sketchy trail.

Halloween has come and gone for me, I celebrated last Friday. Some people are strongly opposed to casually ignoring the calendar for your social convenience. How do you feel about it? Me, I could go for some Thanksgiving today, right now and third Thursday of November be damned!

I went to a costume party and I was Flava Rove a blend of two of America’s most influential pop icons of the day, both of them more than passing scary too.

Please deposit your precious Halloween memories in the comments box below.

Sasquatch? the crickets if you will-

12 Responses to Uh…boo?

  1. Hey! I remember Dr. Paul Bearer! Yeah, I think he was my neighbor once.
    I hate costumes. They make me feel ridiculous, and life already makes me feel that way to begin with. Last year for Halloween, my youngest daughter dressed up as a horrifically convincing pregnant trailer-trash teenager. I mean, she was so scary. She was attending SAIL then and they really get into the Halloween spirit and all dress up, kids AND teachers. Everyone was horrified by my daughter’s get-up. Her favorite teachers averted their eyes from the sight of her. She had the bad teeth, a t-shirt from the truck stop that had a Confederate flag on it and a pair of cut-off maternity shorts that she stuffed with a pillow. Also, one of those beer helmets and on it, she wrote, “Drinkin’ For Two!”
    And she wore bedroom slippers.
    She won the school contest.
    I survived.

  2. Good. Halloween sucks. It sucks because it reminds me of what a nut case our society has become…in the old days we could go out late, eat all the junk with no remorse or reminders, and not have to be warned about being poisoned. Egg away, Juancho! Throw a few for mom!

  3. I’ll give ya halloween! Took a lil spin out to overstreet/red bug. It was nice enough, I ran into a friend. Coming back to overstreet for the ride home I noticed a ranger truck by the gate. I borrowed a dollar, so as not to get ticketed. While putting my envelope in the slot the seeming nice ranger looked at the light on my helmet and reminded me that the time changed next week and that if we rode out there after dark we would certainly meet again. I gave him a nod of understanding. He then changed his tone and demeanor completely and went back to chatting with an attractive female jogger.
    I don’t know why this pissed me off but it just did. I suppose he wanted the joggette to see how forcefull he was.
    I’ll be out there Thursday Barnie! How cool would it be to get ticketed for riding at night?
    b.t.w. nice dig on the Paul Bearer.

  4. Oh there will be some bandit night riding going on from this hizzousssss.

    Just like NWA said:


    Lights off….

    Car err Pedals in neutral…

  5. I have been on line looking for camo bike gear and night vision goggles! Whos with me!