It is comfortable, you have to admit that. Your toes all warm and snuggly in wool socks, but still able to wriggle around and breathe the fresh air from a sandal-based platform.

What does not look comfortable is S’quatch’s bike, the Punisher, which threw him from the saddle yesterday at Munson and taco’ed his front wheel.

A fully rigid 29’er, it even sounds unpleasant- might as well ride the partially turgid 35’er. Oh well, a man has to learn to fork his own broncs in this life.


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  1. Heh-heh. I am wearing socks and crocs right now. The open-toed ones. It’s my winter footwear.
    I hope Sasquatch is okay. Sounds painful.

  2. Was the bike called the Punisher before or after the throw? Do we become our names or do they become us? Also, the word “turgid” is gross.

  3. That photo is just wrong.

    Speaking of just wrong, hasn’t “Succulent in a salty crust” played out by now?

    As for the Punisher (aka High Plains Drifter, Sodbuster, Leadbelly, Fisher’s Revenge), I’m not complaining (much) (yet). I’m pretty sure she’s the one.