The Worm turns…?

So Big Worm has a birthday and I have to learn about it on the internet, right beneath the article telling me that yet another hack starlet is knocked up. The indignity is too much to bear.

Who knows how old the guy is, it doesn’t really matter. Big Worm is Evergreen. Big Worm is Elvis, Checkerboard Van’s, and Chili with Frito’s- never out of style.

Amidst the partisan bickering (which I hope I can claim some credit for fomenting) Big Worm just rides along. Road, Mountain, or Motorcycle, Cobra Kai or Danny-san, technical or longbow, the Worm stands ready to ride.

He is a bike saint in waiting, if only for all the repairs he has made to Wrecking Ball’s bike on the trail.

He speaks ill of nobody, trounces the cocky, and recovers the strays.

I’m sorry, I’m getting a little choked up here…

Happy Birthday ‘Worm, we hope its a good one.


5 Responses to The Worm turns…?

  1. He’s not only the best mechanic in town, maybe history, he’s a great friend. We all really should pay part of his phone bill. The guy fields more calls about rides, parts, and our squables, than Ann Landers. No one types in their credit card number on without calling him first!
    Love ya big guy! Happy B-DAY!!
    Thanks for posting that Juancho, and for the repair crack?…BASTARD !!!!