The greatest upgrade-

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I was once told that if you want to know what it is like to own a boat, you should get in a cold shower and start tearing up $100 bills.

Owning a bicycle, and actually riding it hard, is not that different. Aside from the necessary expenses that trickle money out of your pocket on a regular basis such as tubes, lube, CO2 cartridges (which I am sick and tired of using) chains, cables, grips, bananas, power bars, red bull (should be illegal, must be dangerous) brake pads, and plenty of COLD BEER, there are the things we want- cool new jersey, cool new saddle, cool new bar-ends, basically anything cool and new. We also nurture a never-ending wish list that starts at a new set of cranks (Race Face for me) and runs upward to a titanium AND Full-suspension Moots frame.

All of the alchemy surrounding the proper combination of gear, training, and nutrition can become as complicated as the above sentence. On any given day though, there is one simple upgrade that can make you marginally faster than the day before.

G-U-T-S, guts.

So, I pose another question to my anonymous teeming hordes (stay back, stay back there’s plenty for everyone!)

What if your current 100% effort, is quite honestly your 90%, or even 70% effort, and it just hurts too fucking bad to find out?

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