All that and a jumpsuit too

I have no dog, no guns, no smile, and no jumpsuit. I hate this guy. I feel bad, people. Tired. Played out. Maybe it is from the dread of the oil sucking the life from the ocean. Maybe it is the all the TPS reports that need filing. I don’t know.

I think I have a dose of the fybromyalgia? They say morning stiffness is a symptom. What do you think they mean by that? I would not have considered that a problem, but I’m no doctor.

I’m trying hard to do things right to turn things around, but I can’t seem to find the restart button. Maybe it is all Rand Paul’s fault?

What do I do? Rest up or no pain no gain?

Sick of it all,


10 Responses to All that and a jumpsuit too

  1. You really really need a serious vacation someplace that doesn’t look anything like home! Wanta go to Guatemala? The drive over the Sierra Madres is pretty gorgeous, and thinking of what it would be like to gather wood for cooking and carry it on your back would be something new to think about!

  2. My only advice besides do what your mama suggested is to not confuse the Godfather of Fitness with the Godfather of Soul. Or the Godfather, either.

  3. Here is my list:

    Clean house, the real kind of cleaning house, with soap and a vacuum and stuff.


    Make a plan, doesn’t need to be a real one.

    Extra long bike ride without enough food or water.

    Leave town, go northwest, no destination in mind.

    Fast for 5 days.

    I am not a doctor but sometime I pretend, stiff is good.

    Spend the night out side without all that cool camping gear. Try a box and soem newspaper.

    Get a job, short term, where you have no decisions to make, just do what you are told, something physical, physical and dirty. Pack your lunch. Pick oranges, tomatoes, through sod.

  4. Do I keep the job I have and get another one, or am I supposed to trade out? That will go perfect with the box and newspaper.

  5. Replace everything Rand Paul with RuPaul and this world might have a chance.
    Why don’t you join us for snacks and dinner down at Joe’s house; we’re keeping the place busy for him.

  6. I’d like to see you fast for 5 days.

    Actually, I wouldn’t want to see it, but I’d like to hear about it a full week after you’d started eating again.