The Hit Parade: Cave Leader

This is Landon and his good dog Roscoe. We mostly refer to Landon as Cave Leader though, because that is who he is. Let me tell you a story about the Cave Leader, and his Trans Am.

One cold day in the winter of 1995 Landon, Roscoe, and I were on our way to Dillon from our town of Bozeman. We were probably making the trip because Landon heard there was a surplus of five gallon buckets, or a concrete bird feeder, at the junk store. It was about a two hour drive under normal conditions, but this day the roads were a little icy and swirling snow drifted across the empty highway. We were cruising about 110 in his 1979 black Trans Am. A few hundred pounds of lead in the trunk kept us snug and stable on the road.

There was not a lot of traffic in Montana at the time, and no real speed limit either, which was why we were surprised to see the blue roller lights of a highway patrolman behind us.

Landon pulled over, waiting to roll the window down until definitely necessary to keep the minus five winds from getting into our cozy smoke-filled cab. Landon rolled the window down as the well bundled officer leaned into the window and said,

“Good afternoon, Is this thing a ’79?”

Landon got out and popped the hood.


7 Responses to The Hit Parade: Cave Leader

  1. Reasonable and prudent, baby, reasonable and prudent.

    Plus $5 ticket for wasting gas, if the trooper feels it.


  2. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin,
    We gonna do what they say can’t be done.
    We got a long way to go, an a short time to get there,
    I’m east bound , just watch ole’ Bandit run!

  3. Makes sense to me!

    Remind Uncle John to tell you the story about being chased for miles in Indiana when the cops just wanted to see the car he was driving! 😉 I can’t remember if it was his Porsche — MP! I think it was Uncle Don’s 2CV! Gotta write him and ask him about that.