The Soloist

Don’t get the impression that I’m not on the bike. I am most definitely on the bike. I’m just tired of writing about it. Hate this trail, hate that trail. Road biking in the woods versus driving to the rides. All the drama. Whatever. Let’s take a break. I am enjoying the solo ride experience which means many of you are enjoying your group ride experience a little more I suspect. I will let you know when something happens, until then, there is no telling where this thing may go…

Religion and politics, two of my favorites.

Hip Hop music of the 1980’s?

Spring/Summer recipes?

Kittens eating ice cream?

Eh, I guess I better stick with bikes, but really, what needs to be said that hasn’t been said ad nauseum? I submit there is nothing.


21 Responses to The Soloist

  1. Just so you know, the piece of music you selected is 90 beats per minute. That is considered slow by most folks. I am not saying you are slow…..Hey whattaya think about the election?

  2. You don’t really want a triciclo brought back, do you? A guy shouldn’t have too many options on making a living. Ask aka Asa’s dad.

  3. All the way back to “merica, huh? How long do you reckon it would take, considering those mountains and all? (Hey, does this blog have a triciclo photo?)

  4. Oh yeah, I’ve put the triciclo on here a few times.

    If you say “America” it sounds further away than “the States.”

  5. I can relate to the solo riding. I’ve always told myself it was due to family obligations and a preference for spontaneity. But I notice many of my fellow BRC fans have kiddies too and manage to show up regularly for crew rides. I know I enjoy riding solo and going wherever the wind wafts but sometimes I wonder if there are psychological issues responsible for having ridden with others only twice in the last decade.

    Psycho issues aside, I would like thank the host of this circus for going on three years of well written posts about many of my favorite subjects and local flavors. Yeah, I have to pull out Webster’s or Google it on a regular basis but that’s no hassle for me. It’s been almost three years of pretty regular posts which contain a wealth of wit, social commentary and an occasional stellar recipe. While I’m on this box I must say the BRC crew and sister crew members that regularly contribute to the diatribe are pretty damn funny themselves. Only when I attempt a little topical inside witty comment myself do I realize it ain’t as easy as it looks.

    I was pleased when Big Worm, H.W.B. and others were so inspired by the BRC that they jumped into the blogosphere and I’m an automatic regular reader for those guys. But anybody that can make regular posts for over a thousand days running and keep me checking back for more every day, my helmets off to you.

    Thanks Juancho!

  6. Well said Sinks!
    We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Juanch, everytime I think I have written something remotely funny, I read his blog and wonder why I bother.
    We will always be your Padawan, Master Yoda.
    Next time you go on stage I will be happy to hold the flash light.

  7. Shesh, lets just go ahead and shoot’em and make this his eulogy.

    What do ya want on your tombstone?
    pepperoni and smothering accolades?

    I came here for the MTB wisdom, and all I got was this hillbilly skinsuit?

  8. I smell change, and fear-the good kind of fear, like the kind of fear just before you launch out the side door of a perfectly good aircraft forgetting if you packed your chute correctly.

    Smells good, and it should help tame the rankled ewok scion seen in the previous post’s image.

  9. Maybe you could cheat on this blog (and thus all of us) by starting a second, secret blog. Not sure of a topic but it should probably be the exact opposite of biking so when we finally catch you in the arms of another woman we can really develop an inferiority complex.
    Dr. D

  10. Now that you mention it, I have thought that the prose style of my regularly perused NASCAR blog was remarkably familiar.
    Dr. D