Boy Ain’t Right

Sometimes you folks get a little cheeky so I thought it might be instructive to provide you with some further insight into what sort of critter you are messing with. I am descended from the–

Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau People

That’s right, there hasn’t been any glaciation on us since what is was never going to be.

I clean up to maneuver in polite society, but this picture represents how I feel inside pretty much all the time.

Go ahead and bite off a hunk, you’ll see.


13 Responses to Boy Ain’t Right

  1. You’ns don’t know the strength of a hillbilly when he’s HAD IT! =0 And if you’ns don’t believe ‘im, just ask his’n momma!!

  2. You done us proud, my nephew Juancho. We are a downtrodden minority, and we need to stand up and be proud of our roots. Moving to West Virginia was one way I did that, daring anyone to put down us Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau People.