A Great Reckoning

The Universe and I are in a period of great reckoning. For every pound of flesh I owe, I receive a paid in full receipt and directions to the next negotiation. It seems no part of my life is to go unchanged this year so get on with it I say, let’s settle all accounts and see who is left wearing the barrel.

That may be cryptic, but I can’t think of any other way to say it.

This morning found me casting around for riding partners and I eventually settled on a reluctant Mystery. In a complete reversal of roles I tolerated his search for missing gloves, one more cup of coffee, and erratic pace and route selection until we finally settled in for some quality spins at the Greenway. I couldn’t be impatient as he was demonstrating something of a “Juancho’s Best Of” review of strategies for canceling, postponing, or sabotaging a ride. Being so unpracticed, Mystery had no choice but to fall in line.

After using him up, I dipped into Tom Brown Park on the way home and enjoyed a solo lap of swooping singletrack, wearing an Ipod like a common Kook. I listened to The Eels for anyone keeping track. As I tend to do, I am discovering them a few years since they broke, but better late than never I think.

And that goes for a hell of a lot of things right now.


5 Responses to A Great Reckoning

  1. It seems like “The Eels” should be spelled with two lower case e’s, doesn’t it? The impact of “eel” is lost when one is capitalized. Too bad they didn’t consult me. 😉