Click for Reservations

I have some reservations, and they are not at Tony Starlight’s Supper Club in Portland, OR. Mine have more to do with not falling off this wagon, and incorporating riding into my frequent travel schedule. You however- are free to click the link and set yourself up for a night of crooning and spooning with your favorite sweet young thing.

I spent some time yesterday morning in the stacks. The great unexplored archives of my past. Tony is one of those trail angels who took me in for a night or two along the way, and it is good to see the King of Swing is still knocking them dead.

I met Mr. Starlight during the transition from Montana Carhartts to Portland bowling shirts and without his help I would have never known how to order a gimlet or talk to a woman with shaved legs in the forever-bored, long deep sigh of a city like PDX.

Until I get the Summer mileage program cranked up, you can expect to meet some of the legends of Juancho’s hit parade in this interlude I like to call; The Hit Parade.


7 Responses to Click for Reservations

  1. Tony Starlight is a stalwart bulwark against the tide of hip young men with bushy beards and checkered wool Pendleton shirts. Works for Iron and Wine, but a room full of beard is a subliminal itch that can’t be scratched.

    Tony Starlight’s Supper Club has a dress code. Dress for success, and have a cocktail on Juancho!


  2. Wowzer! I want to go there. Except not this Friday. I don’t even want to hear the real Neil Diamond, much less the tribute band, although that might be more interesting.
    Thank-you, El Juancho, for bringing such a fine-sounding place to our attention. You do good public service.