Death Before Dishonor

The Dragon is dead. We pursued the seatpost extraction to the other side and beyond, resulting in a fatal wound to the seat tube. At least I can now grieve.

It was a hell of a bike, and we covered a lot of ground together. The BigRingCircus was born under the shadow of that bike, and its legacy is duly recorded in these annals.

Tsali, NC
Pisgah, NC
Dauset, GA
Ocoee Heritage, GA
Oak Mountain, AL
Santos, FL
Razorback, FL
San Felasco, FL
White Springs, FL

And of course, all the local hits.

Pour some out for the Jamis Dragon tonight, it had a hell of a career.

Now available in full suspension!


2 Responses to Death Before Dishonor

  1. Yes, that was a fine steed, with enough flash AND substance to carry the day.

    It seems like just yesterday you were hatin on dual suspension, too. But like little Jackie Paper, you’ve moved on to better things.