Ponder the primates

My left crank arm sheered off my bottom bracket on Friday and that ain’t code. With the Titus Racer X admitted to ICU down at Joe’s Bike Shop I can relax- take that mountain bike monkey off my back for a couple of days. I wanted to focus on my road biking more anyway. My cruiser riding? Hackey sacking? Sport Tree Climbing? Anyway. I do things besides ride a mountain bike. Lots of things.

Speaking of sport tree climbing, or arboring, or tree-peaking- the Hogtown heroes were out on the Silver river last week bagging crowns when the Mayor of Hogtown himself snapped this picture of one of the Silver River Monkeys.

This is true, actually, and not some BRC lie like the other 380,000 words in this blog. There are wild monkeys in Florida. I’ve not seen them yet, and I’m not sure I want to see them. Look at that thing. That’s a Bull Rhesus right there. He could tear your thumb off.


8 Responses to Ponder the primates

  1. Wild but not indigenous. Weren’t they imported for the Tarzan movies?

    After touring the Cannondale through Asheville and environs on the back of our car, I returned to the fold with a Munson/Twilight ride on the Jamis before the rains hit today. Crispy foliage out there these days.

  2. The apes were shipped in and without natural predators, ran amuk and made a mess of everything.
    Same goes for Florida’s monkey population.