What the Manatee knows-

The manatee knows that not all sea cows are equal, that with a little effort and practice one can become a slightly stronger sea cow than the rest of the pod.

The manatee knows that it ain’t all about who can swim upriver faster, its about what line the manatee chooses to snake through the grass along the way that truly makes one talented.

The manatee knows it is exponentially better to shoot the river with other manatees, except those perfect occasions when it is not better, then the manatee swims alone.

The manatee knows that the river is full of danger, yet swim it does, every day.

The manatee knows it is not a dolphin, and that dolphins are universally more loved and respected. “Fuck a bunch of dolphin” says the manatee.

The manatee knows that he swims to eat, not eats to swim.

The manatee knows that perfect buoyancy is a direct result of psi adjustment.

The manatee knows its been running the river longer than the mullet, the turtle, the dirty damn snake, and the alligator.

The manatee knows that Fall is for traveling long, long miles.

Oh yes, these things the manatee knows.

3 Responses to What the Manatee knows-

  1. Oh what a wise mammal the manatee.
    Methinks he is smarter than you and me.
    He juggles the rigors of life in the rivers,
    And always maintains the right buoyancy.

  2. Well said!

    Folks travel across states to swim with the dolphins, and are more than often disappointed by the rude, presumptuous, overly rough habits of that fabled water mammal.

    On the other hand, I’ve yet to hear anyone complain about swimming with Manatees, who might just cuddle up to a swimmer with river bum attitude and sleepy, loungy love.

    The Manatee’s big enough to celebrate the road and the trail, and is only amused by the hubris of the dolphin and the acid wit of the dirty damn snake.