The Black Squirrel

We saw it at Munson tonight, not the biggest fox squirrel in the forest, but an indigo black pelt.  S’quatch will tell you he may have seen some grey, but he did not.  He just can’t let himself believe.  We got off the bikes to try and verify, but there is no chance of seeing a black squirrel that does not want to be seen.

We met Dan from Tampa, and directed him here to this place that used to be about bikes, and now is a place about what will happen next- and bikes. So hi Dan, good ride tonight.

There is an awful lot of Young Goodman Brown going on around here, putting in earnest effort toward forthright goals naive to the forces that wield power over you in darkness.  Are we born in a state of infinite grace that we erode with human weakness?  Are we born in a moral vacuum that must be filled with meaning and virtue, squeezed into the inky void with the bellows of ambition?

I don’t know man.  I mean I got no idea.  I just want more sunny days, more lazy ways, less 401k’s.


5 Responses to The Black Squirrel

  1. (In Isaac Hayes’ voice, “sunny dazy, lazy days, less 401k’s… shiiit, that what I’m talking ’bout.” Well spoken my friend. I’m truly sorry that we won’t be sipping or supping together next week. I owe you.

  2. Black squirrels are rare but we have one we see frequently when walking the ‘hood. “Born in a state of infinite grace or moral vacuum?” I believe the answer is both. We get to decide. Therin lies the quest. The war is us against ourselves.

  3. There are a thousand allegories in the history of literate man that exam this dilemma. I find Goodman Brown in my geezer buddies more and more these days. Gloomy. Steinbeck’s East of Eden was one of my favs, probably more ‘cuz I actually lived in the setting. I’m with Dr. J …it’s a choice. The *seeming* dual nature of reality is puzzling for sure but really only a ‘thought’ problem. I think you got the solution in that last sentence. Let it flow through you bro