My Mail-Order Bride

The trouble with a mail-order bride is you don’t have the opportunity to see if you are compatible together. You can check the stats and specs, judge if she’s pretty from the picture in the catalogue, but it is still a gamble. If both of you are genuine in your desire to be together, than you can stick it out and fumble through the awkward conversations as you struggle to find a common language.

This is what the and I went through over the weekend. An awkward honeymoon.

Nothing will ever be the same. the main issue seems to be the height of the cockpit, or handlebars. I put her in heels, then I put her in boots, and now I’ve got her barefoot, and of course, that’s how I like her best.

Don’t y’all worry, I’m in this relationship for the long haul.


Thanks again to Dr. D for an insightful perspective on a big old gangly Midwest city. I encourage you to continue the conversation as long as you like in the comments section below. Urban renewal, civic pride, and the shifting economic trends that affect them are interesting topics and people will think we’re a real smart bunch over here at the BRC. I may even pass out some honorary degrees.


And here’s a big shout-out to Apebike, who may be lurking out there. He’s 245 lbs of Tallahassee bike legendry, and a Joe’s Bike Shop alumni. If he plays his cards right he just might get nominated to the Clydesdale Hall of Fame.

And that’s a wrap!


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