Life seems to happen in little chapters, but it is hard to say who is writing the text sometimes. A few months ago I picked up my guitar and practiced every day for about three weeks. I learned (was learning?) some songs and moving past the threshold I was stuck at for 29 years and then something happened and that little chapter was closed. Maybe 3 weeks is a paragraph and not a chapter. Sometimes it feels like I’m writing my story in the first person and dictating the action,and other times life is clearly being acted upon me in the dispassionate 3rd person. I have been on a run of good paragraphs for the most part this summer, and so I am ready to push the action towards the denouement and see how things turn out for the protagonist, but I just have to live it out a page at a time like everybody else.

I hope Stephen King isn’t writing this story.


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  1. A good deus ex machina has eluded me for years; I’d appreciate a little help from my writer.

    The fun books for me when I was a youngin’ were those with choices for the character. You went to page x for one choice and page y for another; then you could backtrack and see what could have happened. We can’t really do that in our own story without moving to Utah.

    I’m hoping for a solid Scooby-Do finish regardless.

  2. Stranger Than Fiction saved Will Ferrel, in my eyes. I hated him prior to that movie.

    Choose-your-own-adventure books were awesome!

  3. Great last line.
    I’ll tell ya one thing, I’ll never write a fictional blog about having a stroke again.
    I am really digging the positive vibe you are working right now…let it flow.

  4. That’s a Stephen King story right there WB. Since you have the power please write a blog about me getting an Ellsworth.