My neighborhood is filled with smoke this morning. Is it so hot that trees are spontaneously combusting? I saw a cat stuck to the road, his little paws sunk into the melted asphalt, that’s how hot it is. He was walking like he had gum on the bottom of his little cat shoes.

I had the tiniest quiver of excitement at the thought that my house would burn up and I would collect the insurance and once again travel free across the surface of the planet. In truth I know I would just rent an apartment on the other side of town and do what I always do these days. Freedom, it is a hell of a concept, but it sure is exhausting when you actually have it in your hands.

I made a salad last night of quinoa, brown rice, baby collards, walnuts, olives, cukes, and whatnot, tossed in a lemony garlic dressing. That is the caloric equivalent of loading a fresh belt in the 50 caliber, so smoke or not I must ride. I could save it for the weekend, but I don’t know if it works that way?

Good grief, this has become such a blog I need to set it on fire.


12 Responses to Regeneration

  1. If you set it on fire, you’d collect the insurance and just move on over to WordPress, I am guessing? 😉

  2. I use WordPress for parts of my job and it’s not that great. I don’t know what all the hooplah is about. Blogger is less complicated. 🙂 I wouldn’t relocate if I were you. Just get a lower interest rate, perhaps?

  3. So I hear, WordPress is versatile, but full of bugs? I think I will downgrade to an answering machine. People can call in and listen to the post of the day.

  4. haha. HWB-I have to look up Juancho’s stuff all the time!

    Juancho-now THAT’s the future. A telephone-call-in blog! haha!

  5. Careful, you’re an “enter” key away from blogging your yoga poses public.

    and freedom’s just another word for, nothing else to do…

  6. Oh and yes, WordPress has a lot of bugs and issues with plugins, etc. not being compatible all the time. I don’t always understand it, but I do know posting on there can be a crap-shoot! 😀

  7. Juancho, now I’m sitting down here in the jungle worrying about the kitty on the hot not tin roof. Please make sure he didn’t get stuck in the tar, OK??

  8. Thanks, but I don’t eat them anymore. Too much sugar. Might as well be a bag of candy corn. I know, it is an extreme position.