Before Big Jim settled down and destroyed me and everything I stand for on a bike, he lamented the many times he is mistaken for a particular friend of ours. As it turns out I have on occasion been told I bear a family resemblance to this fellow and his brother. The reason this happens is simple. Racism.

When people look at us all they see is our pale color, our bald heads, and our swarthy Scottish frames. They never look further to see the individual inside that counts. We all deserve to let our little lights shine.

But seriously, I could not have set myself up any better for a head to head ride with Big Jim. I ate quinoa and slept 8 hours. I got deep into my practice (as we say) at yoga last night. Perfect tires. Perfect pressure. Clean gloves. Perfect.

It turns out Big Jim likes to ride his bike quite a bit. All I’m going to say is that I never offered to set the pace and he never really asked. I realized this early in the ride and saved myself some pain and anguish by not responding to his little surges along the way. Just hard blue collar pedaling from a couple of Shmoos.


5 Responses to Shmoos

  1. I enjoyed the ride and the leisurly pace. Hmmm, we must discuss quinoa next time we ride. I’m curious where you buy it and how you prepare it. I understand that it is a super food.

  2. What is a cuke? Looks like a cucumber. I bet you can make a salad quicker than Jim.
    Maybe you should stop “picking off riders one by one” on the Munson Monday beginner rides and come get some crew love.
    To properly prepare for battle one must practice with live rounds.

  3. Just my experience, but I never prep for a hard ride with quinoa. Too light. Brown rice (sometimes white, when having Bi Bim Bap at our Korean place) ‘n’ plenty of it.