Let me just get this out in the open here- The Santos trail system, located in Bellview,FL is among the finest trail systems in the known universe. I credit Santos completely for once again saving me from the pit of despair and apathy and renewing my love of riding all over again.

After 18 holes of golf (I shot a 103 thank you very much) and a too late night enjoying the Central Florida divorcee’ crowd down at the Tin Cup Tavern on main street Ocala,I crawled off my bro’s torturous couch unrefreshed. 3 hours of sleep and a mouth seemingly full of laundry lint is no way to start the day.

Grumpy would not even come close to describing my disposition and there are more than enough witnesses visiting this site to testify to my “grumpability”. Nevertheless, Santos drew me down to its sweet bosom.

Pa Ingalls got a pass from barn duties to join us for an early (9:30 A:M) departure on what felt to be a cool Fall morning. In minutes I gave myself over to the creak of the saddle and the burn in my lungs. We hit many of my favorite loops- Twister, Blue Hiway, Canopy, John Brown, Cowbone, linking them up like locals. For long stretches there was no conversation, no stopping, just the shamanistic company of looming Oaks and Pines.

On the way home I rinsed off the last of my apathy at Fanning springs. Just to be certain, I rode the North side yesterday and by God I must say, I love to ride my bike.


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