Memorial Day Weekend

The Florida Folk Festival has been cancelled. The location of the festival, along the banks of the Suwanee river, is right in the crease where the fires from GA and FL are preparing to link up for their own three day weekend.

This leaves a pretty big hole in the schedule. Last year I missed the festival due to a bad case of the bubonic plague, so I was looking forward to getting back in the groove. It looks like I will just have to go get chiggers someplace else this weekend. Damn.

S’quatch wants to roll down into central Florida cold spring country and do some road biking. You know, just pull up at some private campground and pay $20 a night for the privilege of sleeping next to an overflowing barrel of dirty diapers and Busch Light Draft cans, with the raggedy bass of some gap-toothed redneck’s “system” providing the lullabies.

Mystery, the Untameable Stallion, (or is it Buttercup now?) is headed to Obed in TN for climbing,biking,fun- but that seems to be a “date trip” and I am fresh out of dates.

So, maybe camping in conditions similar to the Andersonville prison camp is an appropriate way to recognize the holiday. Trekking all day under the blazing central Florida sun, the smell of roadkill on the breeze, maybe that is as close to war as I will ever get?

Unless you have a better idea?


8 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend

  1. I see how you go STRAIGHT to the worst-case scenario!

    With an attitude like that, you can only be pleasantly surprised.

  2. LIved there, know that traffic this weekend, Sasquatch! Still, you guys are welcome to use the house! 🙂

  3. If you don’t leave the island, you’ll be OK! 🙂 There’s more to life than riding trails you know. There’s the BEACH, and pool at Bortello’s! 😉

  4. I think Obed may be a good call. It’s sooo gorgeous and i’m sure Buttercup would be glad to have a dude along. just so’s you know, if I were anywhere in the vicinity I’d be your token date. 🙂


  5. Did I get the name wrong? Oh, dear. You know, that pool hall up the street where you can get your head beat in! 😉

    Now tell Mol thanks for the virtual offer. Token dates are the safest!! 😉