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  1. I’ve been traveling, and missed all the cat excitement. I ate the piece of kibble because it was there, and offered to me, and because Juancho was talking about the need to experience his future diet now, so that he could mentally prepare.

    The typical BRC response to any form of trash talking (as in, “One of these days I’m going to eat some kibble!” or “I’m going to ride my bicycle!”)is “What’s wrong with right now?! Come on, I’ll suit up right now!” Since this is usually applied to rides nobody has the faintest intention or desire to take, much chuckling and excuse-making ensues.

    In this case, with the kibble, my “let’s do it right now!” put me in the kibble chute, since the bowl of kibble was at my feet on the floor when I leveled the challenge. What could I do but pop one in my mouth and commence to chewing?

    At first, it was like a bland graham cracker, and then, with the oily grain and fiber not quite coming apart in the way one might expect, it was like chewing on a fresh sand dollar or a day-old starfish. It also had serious staying power, working its way into my molar like it was tucking away for leaner times. Pure nasty.

  2. S’quatch, I’m comparing that great kibble review to a restaurant review, and my new idea is that perhaps I see a retirement career for you tasting and comparing kitty kibble, and perhaps even expanding into dog chow! 🙂 I could thoroughly experience it with you that I am now searching for Listerine. 🙂

  3. I’ll bring a small ziploc baggie full of Coco’s diabetic food in April. I’d like you to do a taste test. I swear it smells delicious, but you’re the expert. Who puts the “sass” in Sasquatch? You do!