Flip Flops and Wine

Everything would be okay if I could just call a time out and sleep for a week. It is all crisis all the time, as if addressing chronic social issues as acute illnesses will work. I keep thinking, it took a long time for things to get this bad, it won’t turn around in a day. In fact, things won’t likely turn around at all. Sometimes I would like an easier job, like renting chaise lounges at the beach. Riding my skateboard after hours in my flip flops, drinking wine until I rip off a toenail, then going home to my pallet on a mobile home floor and sleeping it off.

Not going to happen, all the good jobs are taken.


7 Responses to Flip Flops and Wine

  1. I know Dave! I play hoops with him sometimes when he comes up to the big city.

    Flip flops and wine — sounds like a Ryan Adams song.

  2. vacations are only fun if you fix everything at work first.
    oh, and have paid vacation time.
    and, get to take a month off.
    and, get to come home to an easy Monday with the intern having put out all the fires which developed while you were gone.

    I don’t want a vacation, it will just stress me. I want to quit.

  3. I feel better now, I clicked on the link above and got one of what they’re selling.
    And my computer is working great now with all sorts of interesting pop-ups!
    Try it Juanchito; they might be hiring.