So Which is it?

Let’s get this out of the way for starters- if you think I’m going home to Tallahassee today you’re misinformed. It is cold down here on Anna Maria Island, mid-forties maybe? In spite of that the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the first word that comes to mind is beautiful. Meanwhile, the forecast for Tally calls for sleetish rain and misery so y’all have fun wit dat.

And since we are on the weather, I have a serious question for you.

Is Global Warming real? Down here in southwest FL many people have closed the book on that one. Like when we all found out who shot JR (Sue Ellen right? Or was it Bobby?) These folks laugh until they pee themselves about the GREAT GLOBAL WARMING HOAX. My reaction is to put some space between us because stupid can be dangerous, but really, what do I know? I have a degree in English and another in a casserole of social sciences. All I remember from Meteorology is staring at the clouds and drawing barometric maps full of millibars. I enjoyed all that, but it doesn’t make me a Climatologist. I resent it when people try to do my job who are unqualified so I don’t intend to put some Climatologist out of work. I want one to come on this blog and explain it to us, or lacking that, I’ll take your versions.

Maybe these “Hoaxers” are idiots, but let’s keep an open mind and be good role models, because really, what do you know about it?

Bring the heat,


9 Responses to So Which is it?

  1. Ms. Worm is the assistant to the director at COAPS(Center for Oceanic Atmospheric Study). They are surrounded my NOAA and meteorolgy folks. Apparently the prevailing wisdom around the greater minds in those departments is that weather always follows trends. Not like little bitty annual trends, but 100 year+ trends. They seem to feel that global warming is hogwash, and we’re just on an upswing. I claim no great knowledge on the subject, and neither does Ms. Worm. I only report what she hears on a regular basis, in the hallowed halls of the university.

  2. I’m no scientological knower of weather, but I’m very opinionated so here goes:

    Yes, weather trends are very long term. Very. Like worm do say. This is a big planet.

    Yes, our pollution-heavy lifestyles have an effect. It may not be as catastrophic as some would like to tout, but there’s no arguing that it is inconsequential.

    So it is in our own best interest to reduce our deleterious (words) impact whenever and wherever we can. And that’s however Global Climate Change shakes out.

    Easy Peasy. Now, we can feel so good about riding bikes and drinking beers, which is the real Good Work.

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  4. That is a tie between the Rev and this yahoo right above me.

    Interesting that the University folks are talking climate treason in the halls.

  5. Hello! It was the bitch played by Mary Crosby (Bing’s daugher) who shot JR. I can’t believe you thought it was Sue Ellen. She was too shaky to hold a gun straight.

    We have weird weather out here (rain!). I think it’s real.

  6. Whatever the truth is, humans are suckers for the doomsday scenario. First it was the ozone layer, then it was Y2K. People killed themselves over both. Maybe it’s real this time, but it feels to me like we’ve been here before.

    Two funny things:

    1) If it’s bullshit, we gave the Nobel Peace Prize to one of the chief shovelers.

    2) The people who are SUREST the globe is fine are also convinced they’re going to disappear in the rapture, and soon. Liberals laugh at them, then wring their hands over disappearing in the overheated primal soup. Each group thinks the other is dangerously addled, for real. There’s going to be a civil war, fought over fantasy.