Skip Day

I am fried, inside and out. Time to play some hooky.

Ever since Cupcake wrenched his neck he has been off the bike on doctor’s orders. This means our only common activity has been eating oysters and drinking beer- and I quit drinking beer (more or less, pretty much, for the most part, you know how it goes sometimes)so today is going to be Cupcake’s day.

He and his woman are having a baby sometime in the next few months and I will never see him again after that- or if I do he will only be a hollowed out husk of his former self, so I have only today to aggravate him and remind him of all the so-so years of friendship we have accumulated.

Golf or hiking? He hates walking so I will probably go with the hike.


8 Responses to Skip Day

  1. You’re a good friend, Juancho, but you need to make sure the Cake Man does his male bonding rituals even after he becomes a daddy. It’ll make him a better father and husband. There is life after babies!