Kittens and Ice Cream

After a hard hitting piece of fair and balanced journalism like yesterday’s post I like to lighten things up before the long weekend. We all know by now that nothing says “lighten up” like a kitten eating ice cream!

Don’t even try to pretend you don’t love it! I know I love it. Look at the kitten eat that ice cream- that is so frickin’ cute!

Am I right or what?

Big Worm says there is major road bike action in town this weekend. State road race, blah, blah crit whatever, sounds like a good reason to blow town.

That being said, good luck to the local folks, I hope you send ’em packing back to where they came from.

Now retreat to your neutral corners and come out swinging on Tuesday.


2 Responses to Kittens and Ice Cream

  1. Me no want come out swingin’. Me want cute kitty eating ice cream to go with cute doggy eating ice cream! 🙂
    Need cute 10 yr. olds wanting good trails to appeal to big ugly grown-ups instead of big ugly grown-ups wanting good trails. That new plan for Tuesday. 😉