Just stopping by…

It must have been my turn for a bye week, because I haven’t touched a bike in 5 days. I scoured the Big Top corner to corner as an excuse to hide out for the weekend. I’m out of here again in the morning, headed south, south, south, deep into road bike territory so you never know, maybe the Fuji Del Rey will get tapped for the starting slot this week.

Bigworm- I’m waiting over here for your definitive mtb-road bike mileage conversion ruling. I stand firmly on 2 road miles = 1 off-road mile, given similar wind speed and elevation changes.

Fat of the Land, the local mtb advocacy group officially kicks off its efforts with a celebration at the San Marcos apartment complex next to munson. Insert “sleeping with the enemy” jokes here, but they offered use of the clubhouse and pool, probably to buy our silent acquiesence to having 350 people move in next to the grand dame of local trails. We will see how that works out. Check out the cool-ass website roboboy made in between hammering everyone into dust.


I know, this is a tad boring this morning. As I like to say, try living it!


2 Responses to Just stopping by…

  1. Don’t you have to take in the technical difficulty of the mountain bike course to get a real conversion number? If you’re talking straight, flat river bottom territory, I would agree with the 2/1 rule, but I bet you could get 3/1 once you add in jumps, rocks, boulders, singletracks with trees and stuff. Right?

  2. Hey yo,
    the FOTL meeting was a complete success. Tons of folks, tons of good beer (sadly no juancho) but lots of “ground-swell” or some such. Yo Sascha, if you want a “hammer-head’s” opinion, it’d have to be damn technical to meet the 3/1 ratio, but I hear ya. Most stuff around T’town whould rank in the 1/2 range….. but get on up to N Georgia or the Carolinas and you might hit a 5/1…. say the Mt. Pilot trail or other absurd rides.
    The Mt. Mitchel off-road assault course has a section of maybe even 6/1/woah.