Second Wind

A good horse knows when it is headed to the barn, and so do I. That extra something-grit maybe- washes through the blood and pushes you ahead. You know that every effort, every straining pull brings you closer to home, and therefore you dig deeper.

I re-learned a couple of things this week.

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs only works in order, and you always start at the bottom.
  • The only way to really know what a person wants is to ask them, and even then it’s hard.

The bike came out of the trunk of the Monte Carlo for one short dash around Fort Yargo, as reported, and though it may be sacrilege to confess it here-the bike floats somewhere around the middle of Maslow’s list. Nonetheless, I had to find a second wind. True to my nature, whatever is put between me and the barn doesn’t stand a chance.

I always find a little more to get me home.


6 Responses to Second Wind

  1. Maybe it’s the extra kick from being on the homestretch that sends me into lactic shutdown. My favorite time to cramp is during the shortcut through the mall parking lot on a big shopping weekend. Second favorite is the neighborhood trail behind Sasquatch’s lair from points south. But either place, it’s a short walk or granny-gear ride home after I’m done pogo-ing for the locals.

    The cramp monster is stalking me as I prepare for a metric century on the road bike two weeks hence. But Sasquatch and I rode a relatively flat 60 last Sunday with only a twitch or two on the homestretch. Maybe I’m close to subduing the beast (cramps, not Sasquatch).

  2. we have managed to survive and even progress despite the onslaught of yankee ultra capitalism.

    White man bring good tools to cut down trees. Now we leave mud huts…and live in wood ones.