I took the obsessed with bikes thing as far as it could go last week, riding about 100 miles of singletrack in 4 days. That is not a typical BRC hyperbole either. To translate that number into my general level of exaggeration would result in something like “I rode 700 miles of single track in two days.) You can calculate future hyperboles on your own using the following equation.

X= (actual)(pain factor)7/10

I am in beautiful Destin, FL where the water is as clear as cat’s eye marble. It is just a fleeting flirtation with the water though as I head to New Orleans today to support my good friends GLITTER CHARIOT (click to see video).

Aside from playing Juancho in real life I moonlight as “El Managerio” to this avant garde art-ertainment ensemble. They will be opening for Quintron and Miss Pussycat(link also). By Sunday it will back to bikes, bikes, bikes, but tonight I am stepping through the frame and into the painting.

El Managerio

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