My medically-imposed exile is over. 2 days in New Orleans showed me that. I can eat and drink what I wish within reason and not suffer any debilitating effects. That’s a big relief. Now I am going right back to my penitent routine anyway. The monk’s path is the path for me. Brown rice, kale, clean water- what more is there I ask?

See you at Munson Monday.


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  1. I think there are lots of noble monks in New Orleans, but they don’t frequent the Quarter.

    @HT- I have re-secured my cramp-ons and I am prepared for another 6 month expedition.

  2. As a long-time food penitent, I second the “slippery slope” comment. I find that when I go “off the diet” for a while, I tend to think “Finally, I really can eat what I want and feel good!” However, after a couple weeks, crappiness begins to work its way back in to my days, and it always takes me a while to realize it’s the diet. And then a while longer to feel the benefit of my corrections.