Munson Trail Condition- A+
Climate- Steamy
Pace car- Dogboy

I renamed Dogboy on the trail yesterday. A sinewy string of phlegmy drool was clinging to my knee at the time, anchored somewhere deep within a bronchial tube. I probably renamed myself too. For all I know I rattled off all the known prime numbers and recited the first Act of Streetcar Named Desire.

38:20 is not a podium speed out there, but it is moving the numbers in the right direction. I am suspicious that my “try hard” speed and my “just riding” speed are only about three mph apart on that trail.

Long and steady tomorrow.


4 Responses to 0:38:20

  1. At the county fair, once, as a kid I saw this jet car on display. It was a pretty worn Monte Carlo folded around a refuse fighter jet motor. The driver’s right arm had to rest on the motor. I asked old, and beat looking driver, “Do you ever worry about foreign object damage?”
    He grimaced and spat on the ground.

  2. those are some good words anonymous.

    so much for long and steady, Cupcake and I rode as initiates with the BC Cult. 2 hours of hard and awesome.

  3. Great ride we are all mildly amused with your progress. I am going on a diet and plan to ride like Forest Gump runs, for the next three months. I can not have you closing gaps on me.