The Showdown

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It’s time to go back down to Lamesville and Slowcala to show those boys a thing or two about showing people a thing or two. Razorback is in terrible condition (I never knew it had a good condition) so the showdown will be at Santos, Sunday morning. This favors my leopard-like loping style. Pa Ingalls wants to do some recon for his future “Men and Mules” cross Florida expedition. The last time we did this it involved a lot of chiggers, sand, and I-75. Hopefully we choose a little wiser this time around.

S’quatch called last night and said he would be posting a few entries from Boise, ID. So you’ve got that going for you.

I went out with Powder and Paco last night, and predictably we got separated. Paco missed a turn, then we spent the next hour looking for each other. He is one tough customer. No whining out of him. When I apologized back at the house all he said was, “I should be faster”. Please note the use of a self-reflective should is perfectly acceptable in this situation. Most guys, including myself, would be bitching and moaning about being dropped on a friendly ride.

I can’t believe it’s time to pack up again, this summer is getting crazy like that. Oh well, it sure cuts down on the power bill.

I’ll catch up with y’all somewhere down the trail, these little doggies aren’t goin’ to drive themselves to El Paso are they?

Giddy up!


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