What do you get when you combine a full-time pants-wearing job, a glam-rock video shoot, and a social calendar to rival Kim Kardashian (Kimye?) That’s right, the answer is illness. The band hadn’t applied the first dab of eyeliner before I had a sore throat and shoulders full of broken glass. I staggered through the week, finally surrendering on Wednesday and sleeping for 10 hours. Some of you might remember when I slept 10 hours nightly, and took a nap from 3:00-4:15 every afternoon. Those days are over. I have a life now, more like a life and a half. My skill-set doesn’t always match up unfortunately. I failed to get the word out about a birthday party a couple of weeks ago, and inadvertently dissed a few friends. That hurts. Relationships really matter to me, and I pride myself on handling them carefully. What can I say? I’m not used to people caring so much. As a unit of 1 you have the privilege and burden of choosing to include yourself or not, but being part of a team of 2 elevates you into a whole new strata of social interplay. I’m going to pay better attention and not go with the “wing it” method that served me so well as an antagonistic misanthrope.

I am going to have an opportunity to get it right soon, as my teammate and I will be getting married soon. By soon, I mean within the next 50 or so days according to our license from the state of Florida that sits beneath our rings– one gold, one titanium. There will be a party, or a series of parties, and the memo will go out far and wide.

Aside from securing the love of my life beside me forever, the next biggest priority I have is to torture some of you with my continued hemming and hawing about a new bike. I have received some priceless emails and texts begging me to just buy something, anything and shut up about it. To them I say, hmmmmmmm, maybe I should get a road bike instead? But then what kind of road bike? I will have to do some research.

Anyway, one thing at a time, that’s what keeps me out of trouble.


11 Responses to Meltdown

  1. Easier to decide on a bride than a 29er? Apples and oranges, I guess.
    Congrats to you and best wishes to Melissa.

    I think I must have been one of the recent uninvited, but I never begrudge people their choice of whom to wine and dine.

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

    Road bike? I think you should research ‘cross bikes too, while you’re at it. Commuter perhaps? Cover all your bases.

  3. It was more like a lack of choice. I outsourced my inviting to Facebook.

    Thanks Mary! We’ll see you at the folk festival and catch up.

  4. wow, juancho. big news. congratulations. not sure i’ll be back to fla. in the next 50 days. but i’ve heard rumors of a teton rendezvous around labor day. we’d love to see y’all.

  5. Wow!! Congratulations, my man!! I can’t wait to meet this lady who has chased you from bathrobe loafing, and into couples society.

  6. I couldn’t be more delighted for you! Mrs. V and I knew we wanted to marry very soon after meeting, and it remains the best decision I’ve made to this day. May you reap the same.

    Bind her to you with hoops of steel, as my wise old man used to say.


  7. You’ve been committed to her for some time now; you’re just removing the training wheels.

    Congratulations. Just say when. And not on that bacefook thing.