Splish Splash

Finally. I thought this storm would never get here.

For some of you this weekend will be a perfect opportunity to pass on riding your bike, and you would be correct. It is perfectly acceptable to call a “meteorological” when a named storm comes to town. You can lay up all snug in your Indianhead Acres compound and watch arthouse movies written and directed by indigenous peoples and chow down on some tofutti waxing wistful about all the miles you would have gotten if you weren’t so worried about your drivetrain. Like conscientious objectors in times of war, you are well within your rights.

Bushy suggested a ride at St. Marks out on the dikes (stop that, this is a family blog!) where we can really get some perspective on this storm and see huge gators flopping and wallowing in barometric discomfort.

This is what passes for a good idea at this site.


13 Responses to Splish Splash

  1. So, you’re cycling along the “cycle way,” and you turn around to say something to your buddy. When you turn back, you’re plowing into the bay because you forgot that the cycle way was under water during high tide. Have I got that right? That’s kind of cool. Where is that?